OCP and its predecessor companies have earned the reputation as being industry innovators. Personnel for the predecessor company, who at the time manufactured vehicle air conditioners for the recreational vehicle industry, saw an opportunity to build aftermarket air conditioners and purchase parts as a manufacturer for the trucking industry.

As a company coming late to providing parts for the independent distributor market, they looked at the vast OEM dealer networks and saw them as a great opportunity to compete with distributors. The company launched a fledgling air conditioning parts program with a major OEM who saw the parts opportunity. That program grew from $500,000 to $50 million before the OEM purchased the inventory to move the predecessor company out of the inventory and warehouse business. Then they contracted with OCP to develop other product sales and training platforms similar to the air conditioner program.

This was really the beginning of the distributor approach to the market becoming ingrained in the OEM market.

While still in the air conditioning manufacturing business, OCP’s predecessor company developed the concept of the auxiliary power unit integrated with a cab heating and air conditioning system. These types of units save fleets on fuel cost by running the APU instead of the primary truck engine.

Another program introduced and prototyped for an OEM customer was the development of free-standing parts and service centers within the dealer’s area of responsibility, which acted as a distributor without the requirement of being a full-service dealer location.

In addition, OCP and its affiliates have been selected to start-up, manage or perform trial and concept programs to test viability for use throughout the aftermarket area of the OEM.

The company that evolved into what is today OCP has contracted to work with OEMs in developing and growing aftermarket brake parts, remanufactured engines and engine cooling programs; as well as the sales of new diesel parts to a dealer market that had not previously been “dieselized” from a sales or service perspective.

It was in the mid-1990s when OCP transitioned into an outsourced field sales and training provider for truck OEMs. For over 20 years, OCP has used this format to grow our business by providing field sales and service training team for a joint venture program (diesel engines & commercial truck parts). OCP has extensive involvement with the truck, generator, refrigerator transport and trailer dealerships, in addition to truck service centers.

OCP has served as a manufacturer/direct shipping supplier of HVAC systems to large truck dealers and later developed into a manufacturer/supplier (HVAC & trailer parts) to OEMs using our successful Train-Market-Sell approach.