Training is the Best Selling Tool Available to the OEM and Dealer

OCP’s Train, Market, Sell program extends from the dealership to the end-user. A key ingredient is our dealership-specific training events which have proven to be the formula for success. Held throughout North America, OCP’s trademarked training methods continue to deliver results for our clients.

Alongside our partners, we have seen over 50,000 individuals participate in our programs. From developing dealership sales professionals to delivering our product- specific training to their employees and customers, OCP helps OEMs recapture and grow the OEM aftermarket and service parts business to become the product and/or service specialist in their industry. With our help, you will reach peak performance as you build a stronger dealer network and capture greater market share.

For many OEMs, outsourcing outside sales and training dynamics to grow part sales may be a new and untried approach, however, OCP has been accomplishing this successfully for many years.

Learn how OCP team leader Matt Patterson helped a dealer exponentially increase their parts business with one of our Train, Market, Sell strategies.

“Domestic dealers had thrived on warranty work from the manufacturer for decades. I started in this business in 1974 and ran very profitable operations through the 90’s. Then the product began to change for the better. Manufacturers made a concerted effort to produce superior products. Warranty claims began to fall drastically. I was left looking for answers, wondering how to maintain profitability and keep all those who had worked so hard gainfully employed. I decided to dip my toes in the world of business fleets, hoping there was a demand for quality repairs and parts to keep these vehicles on the road. That is where Outsource Corporate Partners came in. My OCP representative dove in head first and provided us not only with direction but unlimited resources needed to get our foot in the door. My hopes of gaining a few customers to sustain our business model quickly morphed into growing our business. He kept coming up with new angles, new opportunities, and we were growing our customer base faster than we could hire technicians. I want to thank Outsource Corporate Partners for all that they have done for me personally, our business, and especially our employees and families. You have made an impact far greater than you realize. Dave D., Texas, Dealer Operations Manager”

 Give Your Staff the Training They Need to Deliver World-Class Customer Experiences

Dealer Training

Today’s consumers demand seamless service and businesses must optimize every aspect of delivery to remain competitive. OCP’s approach helps businesses identify any inefficiencies that contribute to wasted operating dollars and unsatisfied customers. OCP has developed and delivered 1000s of dealer-specific training programs that range from management training, DMS based training, software systems and IT, inventory management, and solution-based selling. 

Sales Training

Winning new customers is not only about generating new revenue. It’s also about keeping customers by improving the customer experience and enhancing the company’s existing relationships. Too many times, however, we find a disconnect between the marketing budget and sales channels and this causes disruption. By employing OCP’s consultative selling techniques and transforming the sales function, there is never a focus on metrics over customers. We identify your target audience specific to your location and customer base. Then, we work with the OEM management team to focus on layering in dialogue to build trust, increase customer engagement, and extend value. By empowering the client team to proficiently execute both product selling and solution selling, companies will realize an organic lift in brand recognition.

Workforce Training

Engaged, loyal employees lead to engaged, loyal customers. OCP understands the need for knowledgeable employees and the requirements of each OEM. OCP executes with workforce investment goals to assist the dealer body with increased market share. We have developed many evolving allotments to grow the employees’ job-specific knowledge base. When combined with financial analysis and research, your workforce will be delivering a winning customer experience.

Customer-Centric Training

Organizations that master new opportunities for enhancing the customer experience can generate a significant competitive advantage. OCP delivers an in-depth understanding of your customers, industry, and market to help you balance what the consumer wants with what your business can profitably deliver. OCP offers technical and product knowledge training programs and evaluates the information the client channel provides. By offering industry-specific collateral which will help the customer make the best decisions for their business. Thus, our solution-based selling techniques educate the customer as to why the OEM product is the only choice. Because we make your business our business, OCP’s first goal is to ensure you are new attracting customers, retaining existing customers,  and are forever keeping them loyal.

Get a copy of our whitepaper, “Why Outsourcing is a Worthwhile Investment” here.

OCP Utilizes a Focused Marketing Approach

There is no better way to regain OEM aftermarket parts and service business than to differentiate the OEM from the Non-OEM. But to establish and deliver upon the OEM’s capabilities and capacities, the OEM must align their marketing strategies.

We do not take the shotgun approach. OCP dedicates the appropriate amount of time and resources when the focus is developing dealer growth strategies. Based on your location, the OCP team performs in-depth industry research to develop a marketing strategy that aligns the consumer with your services. We analyze marketing metrics and consumer trends and identify your target audience and determine the appetite of the market.

Our strategy leverages this data with dealer sales and product knowledge to harness the assets and delivers a comprehensive audit prior to any marketing spend.

We believe that by capitalizing on your marketing spend, the OEM will drive sales more efficiently and effectively by reducing marketing expense. When this level of marketing excellence is achieved,  our OEM partners reap the benefits of a well-implemented and hugely profitable aftermarket and service parts program.

Our client partners enjoy a level of commitment and standard of service that go far beyond the usual managed services arrangement. We act as an additional corporate resource, closely linked to your business, adding real value to your operations.

Our plan begins with YOU:

Realize a predictable return on your marketing investments using real-time analytics

Improve customer life cycles and drive loyalty by responding to customer sentiment

Expand the reach of brand with a dealer-specific focused marketing approach

Increase engagements throughout all channels with brand clarity

Results Drive Sales with Value Selling Strategies

Fierce aftermarket pricing competition from independent suppliers is a concern for many OEMs. If unaddressed, this can impact the OEM and dealer parts margins and contribute to the low profit-margin cycle of the aftermarket parts industry.

Because understanding the competition is vital to growing the OEM aftermarket business, this can only be accomplished by exploiting the OEM’s advantages in the industry.

OCP’s professional support allows OEMs to react to competition quickly by remaining focused on developing new parts and programs. It also means that OEMs and their dealers can become fierce market competitors, driving business to the OEM dealer when independent suppliers are priced competitively.

Your outsourced team can advise on the performance and pricing of each part range with suppliers which offers the OEM a competitive advantage –  with no opportunity cost to their business.

To achieve this, we work with OEMs to develop Value Selling Strategies that focus on superior products and service, instead of price. With Value Selling Strategies, the OEM gains more business while simultaneously retaining optimal profits. This transitional selling style builds upon the strengths of the OEM while magnifying the commitment to their customer.

  • Depth of Inventory 100% 100%
  • Product Knowledge 101% 101%
  • Strong Relationships 102% 102%
  • Measurable Results 103% 103%
Get a copy of our Case Study, here.

Too Much Inventory – Not Enough Sales

At the heart of OCP’s methodology is selling the value of our clients. By enlisting an OCP dedicated focused team designed specifically for OEM sales growth, OCP will help you grow your aftermarket parts and sales service.

OCP will assist you with identifying and selecting components inside your company that offer the best opportunities for long-term growth when utilizing the benefits of outsourcing.

OCP will return a custom solution that identifies your assets and any problems along with our recommendations for the best opportunities to grow your aftermarket sales.

The OCP team will develop sales strategies supported by training programs that focus on re-launching stagnant and/or underperforming products and service lines. You will gain control of your business growth for OEM quality products and services with expertise and maximum efficiency.

Contracting with OCP for focused product line growth offers metrics that are quantifiable and irrefutable relative to an increase in sales and profits directly attributable to OCP strategies.

Outsource Corporate Partners has consistently helped our dealership sell more parts by bringing everything we need into the solution for quality customer sales and satisfaction.”  Russ C., Florida

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