Thanks again to David Friedman for sharing such an important fundamental:

GO THE EXTRA MILE. Be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the job…plus a little bit more. Take the next step to solve the problem. Even if it takes doing something that’s not in your job description, it’s the extra mile that separates the average person from the superstar. Be a superstar.

Everyone knows somebody that seems to always stand out from the crowd. Whatever they do seems to be just a little better or a little more.

Robert G: Don’t just stop once you’ve answered the question asked or task requested.  Anticipate the follow-up questions and/or advance the task to cover contingencies. 

If you’re asked if something is available, don’t just stop at yes or no.  Be prepared with how long, how much or in the case of something not currently available, what is the lead time from the supplier or is it obsolete.  In some cases, it’s not about the sale but the information that you can provide.  Anyone can make a sale, but service requires effort and thought beyond what is asked.  Don’t just meet expectations, exceed expectations.

Sam C: As the quote old goes “the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the little extra” Do the little extra and your customers will always remember you. 

Kevin P: As one of my mentors once said, “Going the extra mile (doing more than is necessary) creates memorable magic.”

Reading responses like those above are quite humbling to me. It is encouraging that we have individuals with this much depth to them. A special thanks to our team for their participation. We believe it is a privilege to learn something new each day. For more information, contact OCP here.