As we continue to grow our OEM aftermarket business, we come across stories that showcase our success after holding dealership training events across North America. These events train dealership personnel about leadership, product knowledge, information technology, aftermarket competitors, marketing tactics and selling skills. Here’s a sample from an OCP sales manager as told by his regional manager:

“After just one training event at a Northern Virginia dealership, it became evident to OCP sales manager Matt Patterson that this group was eager to grow their business. So, Matt continued to work with them and discovered the ‘Fleets’ needed to better understand the benefits and/or risks of using a non-OEM rebuilder instead of the OEM remanufactured engines and parts the dealer was selling. The technicians were calling the shots.

Matt and several key dealer employees began researching engine rebuilders in the local area and came across one of the engine rebuilders on Facebook and reached out to the company and gain more information. As a result of this initial contact, the engine rebuilder began a business relationship with the dealership and because the dealership offers a greater knowledge and customer care, this relationship continues to flourish.

But it didn’t end there. They used the same methods to locate another large and very reputable engine rebuilder/performance shop in Southern Virginia. Again, Matt assisted the dealership with marketing research and they made contact with them to set up a meeting. Interestingly, the rebuilder was surprised to hear from the dealership, as they had always viewed them as a competitor, however, the dealership representative was able to clear the air. Armed with analytic data, a local marketing study and the offer of a small discount, the dealership was able to earn the business. While this rebuilder is located about 2 hours from their dealership, they are able to place large orders and have them shipped direct. And in less than six months from acquiring the account, the OEM dealership had shipped the rebuilder over $75,000 in parts.

The dealership then customized a Ford Super Duty truck and used the tool in their marketing strategy to promote their dealership as the local expert with diesel engines aftermarket parts sales and service. As a result, they have substantially increased their parts business and their workforce continues to gain strength with the power of training and knowledge OCP provides.”