Thanks again to David Friedman for sharing such an important fundamental:

CREATE WIN-WIN SOLUTIONS. It’s a two-way street. Learn to think from others’ perspective. Discover what they need and find a way to help them meet those needs while also fulfilling your own. Win-win solutions are always more effective and longer-lasting than win-lose solutions.

Have you ever helped a client in a way that was detrimental to you or your company? It’s a selfless act, but ultimately, it’s unsustainable.

Scott J: WIN WIN…That’s what sales is all about!

Sometimes an overused saying, but an important one to follow. Why? Because there are consequences and in a long term relationship they are detrimental to the relationship, that we spend so much time cultivating.  I remember a saying “ If you don’t Win, I can’t and If I don’t win, you won’t, someone will take somebody out. What do I mean by that? When someone feels as if they have lost they will do a few things; they will avoid, they may try and get even or they may just do both. So WIN WIN is an important saying that needs to be in the front of our thoughts for every interaction we have with Dealers, WDs, vendors, everyone.

There are always bumps in the road but when your customer knows that you are in the game for both of you, then things will always go smoother during the rough patch. When vendors know you want to help them as much as you want to help yourself, they will work with you to solve problems. Same thing internally, when someone knows that you want to do well for the company they want to help you. So WIN WIN and often overused saying, but one that I think is the most important thing to remember because it is what sales is all about.

Reading responses like those above are quite humbling to me. It is encouraging that we have individuals with this much depth to them. A special thanks to our team for their participation. We believe it is a privilege to learn something new each day. For more information, contact OCP here.