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Dealer Testimonials

Parts and Service Director

Throughout the last 15 years of being involved with the OCP team, I can easily say the support and training that we received has helped shape and grow our business. Dealerships have many reps, but the Outsource Corporate Partners Reps are always involved and go the extra mile for the dealers. They have been instrumental in training hundreds of our customers on the importance of using OE parts. They assist in the planning and implementation of our events and open houses. John W., Delaware

Parts Sales Manager

As a result of Outsource Corporate Partners programs, our dealership has always been in the Top 50 Volume and Growth, the Million Dollar Club and the Top 20 in part sales.  I can always count on my Product Sales Manager to assist us in calling on our customers and providing product training to them.  He provides support and explanation of new programs as well as ongoing review of current programs to maximize our opportunity. Outsource Corporate Partners has been a valuable partner in growing our Wholesale and Fleet business. Jerry M., Texas

From the Top

Thanks to OCP, our training events have done a great job of connecting wholesale accounts with our specific dealership. In our type of business, with all the choices these companies have to buy parts from, we need to stand out. The partnership between Outsource Corporate Partners and our dealership has helped increase our business within 3 miles of our dealership by 51.9% resulting in a 26% increase in sales for 2015 over the prior year. Wesley M., Florida

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