Thanks again to David Friedman for sharing such an important fundamental:

CELEBRATE SUCCESS. Catching people doing things right is more effective than catching them doing things wrong. Regularly extend meaningful acknowledgment and appreciation – in all directions throughout our company.

 Alan R: I believe it is important to celebrate our success and achievements as well as the little things in life. I make it a point to tell the customers, dealers and coworkers ‘Thank You’. I like to thank them for their business and let them know what they do is important and I appreciate it very much, without them I can do nothing. I keep people up to speed on their goals and objectives and let them know how they are performing. I thank my coworkers for the help they provide and guidance. I find guidance goes a long way when I find someone has quoted something wrong or misspoke about an item we sell it helps to show them how they would have handled that better and give them materials if needed for they don’t make the same mistake. I find in life it is better to provide guidance than to point out flaws or failures, people respond better and appreciate you more.

Scott D: Great stuff Alan. I think you nailed it when you said it is important to thank people whether it be customers, coworkers, friends, or family. Our dealers are so important to us in achieving our and their success so a thank you goes a long way. I also like how you said it is important to celebrate the successes and achievements no matter if they are big and small. As far as guidance you have been a mentor and my go-to guy when I have a question or need direction to handle an issue. Thank you.

Alex B: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my co-workers and the folks in the office for helping me out when I have trouble doing a report, etc.  I often call other PSMs for help or ideas on how to handle certain customers or programs.  I think we have an awesome group of folks willing to help and share. THANKS EVERYONE!!!!!

Kevin P: It is all about expertise.  The only way you learn from mistakes is to watch and appreciate those that are experts at what they do.  The more you collaborate with the experts, the sooner you become an expert.

Reading responses like those above are quite humbling to me. It is encouraging that we have individuals with this much depth to them. A special thanks to our team for their participation. We believe it is a privilege to learn something new each day. For more information, contact OCP here.