OEM Case Studies

Capturing after warranty parts sales to increase profits and improve brand loyalty

OEM Case Studies

The key to lasting success lies in process improvements; this is especially true when it comes to growing the parts and service business at an OEM dealership. For 20 years OCP has helped OEMs drive sales through their dealer network to the aftermarket by changing and improving the way the dealership goes to market. More specifically it is the way dealers handle processes that facilitates this growth. Through training, OCP has helped OEMs improve related parts selling, phone skills, inventory management, and dealer management systems, as well as, OEM required processes.

Case Study #1

OEM Part Program Launch Support

The Challenge

OCP undertook a program to launch an air conditioning system for a truck manufacturer who could not find an OE supplier for a particular truck model that they had started producing.

What We Did:

With the help of a manufacturer, OCP designed and built an air-conditioning unit within just one week. The unit worked beautifully and was sold through the OEM and shipped directly to their dealers for as long as that truck model was in the market place.

The OCP team then worked closely with the OEM’s team in focusing on air conditioning part sales and service training.

The Details

OCP worked closely with the OEM parts group and dealers to grow the business from $500,000 to over $50 million.

Outperformed all other specific part programs in year-on-year growth.

Supported the OEM in establishing and maintaining industry leading programs and a powerful position within the market in all parts programs. Meanwhile, competitive independent aftermarket distributors had to consolidate to maintain viability!

Case Study #2

Relaunching a Stagnant Brake Program

The Challenge

Outsource Corporate Partners, LLC (OCP) has a long history of successfully launching new programs, or re-launching stagnant programs for OEMs. In one case, OCP was called in to help with the relaunch of a fifty-year-old brake program.

What We Did:

Working closely with the Truck OEM and its dealers, the OCP team helped to design a major brake marketing program for the OEM parts and service team. We consolidated over 30 different supplier catalogs into one catalog, working to simplify the program for parts-counter and sales personnel.

What We Achieved:

Working closely with the OEM parts team, we took the brake program that had been hovering around $50 Million in annual sales and grew this to more than $250 Million in annual sales in just five years.

Since quintupling the previously stagnant brake program’s sales, the OCP team has remained on-hand, working closely in the field to provide training within the dealer’s organization and for its customers. These ongoing efforts ensure continued program success as we work together to grow the OEM market share in the huge brake business.

“OCP provides support and explanation of new programs as well as ongoing review of current programs to maximize our opportunity.”

Scott P., Utah

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