Providing Managed Services Through Strategic Partnerships

Your Business is Our Future

Welcome to Outsource Corporate Partners (OCP). Since 1982, Outsource Corporate Partners has been a leader in managed services providing expert solutions for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) market and its distribution channels. Our knowledge draws on four decades of experience working with manufacturers to devise and implement successful OEM service parts growth strategies.

Therefore, our client partners enjoy a level of commitment and standard of service that goes far beyond the usual managed services arrangement. We act as an additional corporate resource, closely linked to your business, adding real value to your operations.

Partnering with OCP offers your company a robust set of services and the strategic plan to increase sales, establish brand loyalty and better serve your customers.


SOLUTIONS  OCP offers both short-term and long-term solutions


FOCUS  OCP provides focus on key aspects of your business allowing your team to do what they do best


TRANSPARENCY  OCP allows your team to monitor our contribution to your business


LOWER COST  OCP managed solutions cost less than hiring additional staff


COMMITMENT  OCP team employees assigned to your program are 100% committed to your program goals

OCP Develops Sales and Training Strategies for Dealers

Advance Growth – Boost Sales

Our most recent research shows that over 65% of budgets are allocated to nothing more than keeping the lights on. This means organizations aren’t necessarily improving operations and efficiency. Instead, they’re just keeping the wheels turning.

When the OEM, dealer, and OCP aftermarket team bring focus to certain aftermarket product lines, this allows the OEM and dealer to grow their aftermarket sales and profits by doing the things necessary to show expertise in the product line.

The result of these efforts is essential to helping the end user become more successful in their business.

In fact, just refocusing on the sales of old parts can be ‘found money’ because the foundations have already been laid for success when OCP launches go-to-market programs.

OCP helps companies achieve a greater return on investment (ROI) while allowing existing resources to be channeled into more valuable development roles by:

Developing and managing professional sales teams

Identifying new growth and sales strategies in underperforming parts

Finding new revenue potential within existing product lines

Implementing training programs to build loyalty and brand advocacy

Retain and grow OEM aftermarket service parts and sales

 Find out more about the OCP process here.

We Make Change Happen

Targeting Markets and Industries

Product lines can become just another ‘part on the shelf for a dealer or they can become a dynamic part of a growing dealership’s sales and profitability. We help companies meet their business challenges and that begins with an understanding of the industries in which they work.

OCP has been contracted to grow sales on particular product lines and we have seen growth for the OEM of 100% to 1000% for the duration of the contract. And most of this growth can be directly linked to the focused training effort that brings together all participants.

Knowing your organization’s culture and history allows us to refine the data and analytics to deliver a strategy that will drive financial performance, improve lifecycle management, drive loyalty and reach new channels in many underserved consumer segments.


Farm and Agriculture


Automobiles and Trucks




Boats, Marine and Trailers


Generators, Engines and Turbines


Transport Refrigeration


Construction Equipment


Outdoor Power Equipment


Turf and Lawn Equipment

Tap into the OCP case study “Surviving an Unstable Economy”.

The Challenge is Real

All U.S. based OEMs build excellent products and they must do so to stay competitive.  They all have good-to-great dealers that offer excellent warranty programs and service. They all are strategically positioned in the U.S., Canada and in most countries throughout the world.  However, the OEMs get no extra points for this – but must do so to compete and thrive.

A study on the automotive aftermarket published in Harvard Business Review found that despite the promise of immense profitability offered by a well-implemented OEM parts growth program, most OEMs miss their potential to gain major market share.

This is because many OEMs fail to recognize the real potential to compete against a large and thriving aftermarket.

Understanding this distinction and conveying it to the customer is the selling opportunity.

So when buying a product from an OEM, is lowest acquisition cost what the customer is seeking? Or, are they seeking the lowest total cost of ownership from acquisition until the product is traded, sold or scrapped?

OCP believes that 100% of the market share in any given product line is fair game for our OEM customers and their dealers.

In fact, just refocusing on the sales of old parts can be ‘found money’ because the foundations have already been laid for success when OCP launches go-to-market programs.

If your organization has slow-selling parts or maybe a once high-selling OEM component that is now dated, we can help. Or, if your business’ focus has shifted to newer, higher performing parts, OCP can assist with bringing new life and profitability into your old or underselling OEM inventory.

The Best Way to Predict Your Future – Create It

A Bold and Different Vision

The value of the customer service experience far exceeds products in today’s multichannel, customer-driven world. It’s what attracts customers and keeps them loyal.

With customer expectations rapidly evolving, companies must deliver against them and master a new strategy to transform their customers’ experience and balance the value those customers bring to the organization.

Companies understand this, but only a fraction of those surveyed are delivering it effectively. Oftentimes, when businesses realize they are losing touch with their customers, they begin to heavily invest in digital marketing strategies that center around advertising ‘their superior customer service’.

The crux is, many do not invest enough in a plan designed to deliver customer service experiences that meet the high expectations their advertising dollars create. This results in a costly investment, increased operating cost, and revenue loss when the promised service fails to meet customer expectations.

In fact, companies don’t need a digital strategy, they need a new customer experience strategy – suited for the digital age. A well planned, designed and executed marketing plan will lower costs while simultaneously increasing revenue.

Better customer experiences that produce greater business returns for companies is our goal.

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