Training Programs

Results Driven Training Programs Extending From the OEM to the End-User


OCP has developed and delivered 1000’s of dealer specific training programs through the years. These programs range from basic management knowledge to DMS based training. Management training is one of the many modules that OCP offers to help OEM dealership better manage and use its computer systems to take full advantage of OEM programs as well as inventory management.


Through its practical approach to selling, OCP has developed a time tested program to help jump start sales people with OEM basic knowledge, real world sales training along with skills that will enable them to set themselves apart from the competition.


As a front line approach to the customer, we at OCP understand the need to have a knowledgeable team of employees. Understanding the needs of each OEM and how to help the dealer body increase market share through its voice to the customer, OCP has developed many allotments to grow the employees level of knowledge. These begin with systems and products and expand into solution based selling.


By training the customers with technical and product knowledge, we at OCP leverage this approach to help the customer make the best decisions for their business. Instead of selling products we educate the customer as to why the OEM product is the only choice.

“OCP has proven over and over again that training

is the best selling tool available to the OEM and dealer channel.”

OCP develops value selling strategies

and training programs for dealers…

“Thanks to OCP, our training events have done a great job of connecting wholesale accounts with our specific dealership. In our type of business, with all the choices these companies have to buy parts from, we need to stand out.” Wesley M., Florida

“Without the knowledge and expertise of OCP guiding us with these relationships, we wouldn’t have the profits we have had today.” Bobby D., Colorado

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