About OCP

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Through the efforts and communications between OCP and our team it has allowed us to be aggressive and make smart decisions in this business.”

Tony P., Texas

About Outsource Corporate Partners

Welcome to OCP, which has been doing business since 1982 with the founding of our predecessor company. Over the years, the company evolved until its expertise was honed into a consulting/service provider to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) market and its distribution channel.

CEO Patrick Higginbotham joined the company in 1991and remains at the helm today. Our foundation has been built on a cornerstone of values: integrity, accountability, passion, innovation, excellence, ethics and collaboration. Long term customer loyalty in an ever- changing marketplace is a must for long term success. Getting the job done with integrity inspires that loyalty, and Patrick is known for having “integrity from the get-go”.

Among the OEM transportation/equipment businesses we offer consulting and service for include automobiles, trucks, farm equipment, boats/marine, off-road equipment, generators, engines, turbines, motorcycles, transport refrigerators, trailers, construction equipment, powered equipment (chain saws, trimmers, blowers, etc.), turf equipment, concrete saws and mowers.

Our Values

These cornerstone values are the foundation of every relationship we form.








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