Increasing OEM aftermarket parts sales while improving brand loyalty

These are just a few of the things we can do for your business


Develop and manage professional sales teams


Find new sales potential in underperforming business segments


Identify new revenue potential within product lines


Retain OEM Aftermarket parts sales


Implement education and training programs that build brand advocacy

Are Your Dealers Doing the Best that They Can?

OCP works directly with the dealers to increase ROI, enhance brand loyalty and
build sales channels that work for you.

Retain and Grow OEM Aftermarket Parts Sales

We help OEMs recapture and grow the OEM Aftermarket parts business and become the product and/or service specialist of their industry.

Launch New Product Lines

Our dynamic training process works with the OEM and their dealers to exploit the OEM’s advantages in the industry.

Support OEM Dealerships

We help the OEMs drive sales through their dealer network to the aftermarket with product and industry specific sales, marketing and training support.

Relaunch Stagnant Product Lines

We develop Value Selling strategies and training programs focus on relaunching stagnant and underperforming products and service lines.


Through building confidence in the product and/or service the client’s channel provides, OCP increases knowledge while developing experts.


By showcasing the capabilities and capacities of the client, OCP is able to differentiate the product and/or services they provide.


In order to sell solutions, OCP demonstrates that the client is not only the channel of choice, but that it delivers the most value by understanding what is its customer’s WHY.

“I attended an OCP dealer training event in 2011 and we talked about the area that my dealership has been underperforming for years. After that meeting I was excited and I wanted to start that business.”

Tommy T.

Parts Sales Manager, Virginia

“I believe OCP has the best marketing plan and support system for me to sell a lot of parts and give a lot of confidence in my customer to come back and utilize my services even more.”

Mike D.

Parts Sales Manager, Indiana

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